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Off The Glass

Lil' Bow Wow

Micheal Jordan
I'm forcin it that uh
I have the talent
And hey

he's the B-O you know and he's off the glass
BW: yes i've been this way ever since I was a baby
from O-H-I-O bringin down the stash
BW: for all my dogs all the kids all my ladies

Bow Wow:
It's the B-O you know that I'm off the glass
representin so so we making that cash
It's a little pup now everybody wanna be hustlers
Earned my stripes from the platinum MIC
Now what's up 1-2-3 times and still countin
How many time do I keep ya bouncin
Wait let me think ever since My interlude
not a day goes by that you won't see me on the tube
Big thangs for a little big man
Still rock the mickey but I had to go and cop that big dogchain
Big dog earings
Ima do my thang
So when you see me on the streets
You see that big dog bling
When I crossed out yo' bak
It's gotta be up in it
Girlfriend you should know that
you won't see me in it
If the ride ain't tinted
If I forget to mention
It's all about the benjamins Somebody betta tell em

he's the B-O you know that he's off the glass
BW: and when you ridin with me everything is under control
from da O-H-I-O puttin down a splash
BW: Tell em who I am 4 those that don't know
is the B-O you know and he is of the glass
Yes i have been this way every since i was a baby
from the O-H-I-O puttin down a stash
for all those that don't know all my dogs all my kids all myladies

Bow Wow:
I'm from the O-H-I-O
Doggy Bag near you movin out the store
ya'll know know how I do it
I keep em on the flo
Hands up knees bent have em' yelin So So!
2 way onte side of my Girbauds
Forces on my feet ,I'm lookin so neat
I old ya'll I'm so tight to def
From Gucci to P-Roda to mentin venesse
Now tell me this
How could we ever cut slack
When got my nizzle juiggas up on he Trizack
Yeah first it was Bounce Wit me
2nd That's my Name
All we gon do it hit ya'll wit it Again
i got 12 on my neck
5 on my wrist
2 in my ear
I'm so Sick wit it
I been in ths game since the age of 6
So by the time I'm 20 Imma be Ridiculous

HOLLA !!!!

Chorus 2x

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