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We Want Weezy

Lil' Bow Wow

Record scratch
eramaine Dupri
yeah yeah

Can ya'll hear that
Can ya'll hear that
well clap your hands than
c'mon clap your hands
everybody clap your hands
c'mon c'mon put your hands together

hey Columbus can ya'll say Weezy
Bow Weezy
everybody come on
who ya'll come to see
Bow Weezy
a lil louder come on
Get your hands in the air
Bow weezy
come on come on sing it
a lil louder c'mon
bow weezy
c'mon make some noise

uh huh
people from every where gather around checking
out the sound that we keep
throwing down we keep it crunk like this every day

young weezy what you gotta say

Bow Weezy
a miracle moncreation bow wow on the
set hyped up on the basin
a lil bit what u love from a bother who is
smooth like a criminal
i mean some priminal otherwise known as
a villian because i am ruthless i am the best
out and i am killin them
most of all i think they know not to mess with its obvious
who you came to see
bow wow
bow wow

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