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I say shit, damn, get off your ass and jam
all the thugs in the club let me see you get em up
all the hoes get lil lil low
a lil lower now (x8)

say shit, god damn, get off your ass and jam
i see ya shakin lil mama shawty bounce that ass
gimme a reme bottle but i dont need no pass
keep shakin for a thug bitch i got a dog who
rollin on tha x in a motha fuckin club
i like big booty hoes
they like to dance on the pole
they like to make the pussy pop
a ? and then drop

my neck, my back
like my dick, my balls and my crack
i got a stack,
can flow like ludacris see i got hoes
i gotta bitch that suck dick in every area code
she like it 69 days
the bitch get payed
I could fuck pussy in 69 ways
you would think its a dream
the way she use her tounge ring
and tie her pussy in knot
she'll fuck the whole block
straight bouncin
bitch ridin chevy i see your thug
gotta tee blue flame on the gentleman club
o you will see her
her family call her sweet susie
but her stage name is margarita
the dick eater


pussy poppin and twerkin
never stop her from workin
man then she flirtin
sippin that erkin jerkin
ah then the body let you see her shake her ass
the way she shake it she make them other hoes get mad

well if you bounce dat ass
pussy poppin and droppin
now shake that ass cheek
bring your ass over here
let me get a sneek peek
so dont be playin with thugs
she yankin baby dee
we'd love to see pussy (ahh)

the girlies is hoes
bendin over touchin their toes
upside down 69 ways to roll
the freakiest broad
lookin for the streakiest broad
half a hour smoke an ounce then they takin it off
shake it like flubber
make that booty bounce like rubber
you can make a little money
cuz you thinkin you tha motha fucka like whoa
let me see you slide down the pole
now get low
and bend over and touch your toes


aright (x14)
do it nigga lick it nigga(x2)
do it nigga lick it a lick it nigga do it
do it nigga lick it nigga (x2)
do it nigga lick it a lick it nigga do it
eat my pussy nigga down fuck niggas gotta(x2)
i break bread nigga while im bouncin that ass (x2)
i said shit, god damn, fuck niggas git with the program
cuz niggas only good for lickin the clit
and you can eat out my ass while im suckin tha dick


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