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visualizaciones de letras 36

Ta Da

Lil' Mo


Ta Da
Tryna make you disappear
Make you pack your bags,
Get the hell out of here.
The sound I'm waiting for,
You taxi's outside,
And the driver's at the door,
Won't you please disappear?
Make yourself invisible but leave the car here
the pink slips in my name so the Benz has got to stay
Why you
Tryin' to explain

Verse 1:

I had it up to here,
I make the choice today,
See one of us will be leaving,
Right now I anit goin' say.
You say you didn't go out,
I know that was a lie
The neighbors said they saw you,
Last night driving by.
What's up with this girl?
Some supermarket clerk is visiting our house
Each day when I'm at work,
I just can't believe you had the nerve
There'll be no more~~
No more kisses
We won't be makin' love,
I'm tired of your SH - IT,
I had enough,
If I had three wishes you'd see me close my eyes,
Real tight and concentrate like 1,2,3…
And ta da,

Repeat Chorus.

Verse 2:

See one of us has got to go,
It's gone you cause it's my condo
The two of us can't be up in here,
So one of us is going make it clear,
There's no playin' around
No free rides around,
No laying around, is a rule of mine,
But you where cheating around,
Tryin' fly free.
If it worked like Dream of Jennie,
I'd blink yo' ass away from me.
No more kisses
We won't be makin' love
I'm tired of yo' SH - IT,
I had enough,
If I had three wishes you'd see me close
My eyes real tight and concentrate like 1,2,3..
And ~~~~

Repeat Chorus
Ta da
Tryin' make you disappear (dang you still here nigga)
Make you pack yo' bag get the hell (get hell up out) out ofhere.
The sound (the magic sound the magic sound~~) I'm waiting for
The taxi out side,
And the driver's at the door
Oh~~~~ won't please disappear
(It's funny but that what I want hear)
the ----- is in my name so the business got stay why you
st-st-stuttering tryin' to explain.

Repeat Chorus
Oh ~~~o~~~~
The sound I'm waiting for the taxi outside,
And the driver's at the door.
Oh~~~~ won't you please
(please, please, please~~~)
the ---- is in my so the business have to stay why youst-st-stuttering
And tryin' to explain


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