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Lil' Mo

Yo Black baby
I'm your superwoman
The kind of girl that you can lay down
And everything will be okay
Come on

Verse 1
You ain't gotta look up in the sky
For a bird or a plane
I know your lookin' for a change
I'mma save your day
Check it I got the 'S' on my chest
I'm a superwoman
You ain't gotta look up in the sky
For a bird or a plane
I'mma save your day
Girls are always gonna hate
Comin' to your rescue
I'm a superwoman
I see, a thug on the wall standin' two o'clock
I see, chicks at the bar and they made a plot
Then he speaks, tell me he wanna put it on the rocks
I said "Baby please'"
I've been thinkin' the same thing since I came in the spot

Girls hate
Cause they see him sizin' me up
And probably next week he gon' be buyin' me stuff
And the week after that
I'm gon' be buying his truck
And girls trip
Cause I played it cool
And you played him close
He just know a real girl from a fake
And he know I'm not a ho that's out for the dough that he make,mmm

See the difference to me and other girls
Cause I'm a superwoman
Is there are more like me in this world
I'm made out of steel
And I'm made to be real
Boy ain't nothin' fake about me
Take a sip tonight
Watch the Henney make me weak in the knees like some kryptonite
See which honey I'mma get tonight
I'm only hear for a minute
So it gotta be quick tonight
Take my cape off uh, he gon' hit tonight
I'm an addict so I get addictive right
I'm a D baby, synthetic - right
Because I write it, then I rip it
And I kick this shit tight
Repeat 1 (2x)

(You ain't gotta look up into the sky)
Everyday, all day
(Black baby, rock on, Lil' Mo rock on)

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