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My First

Lil' Romeo

Girl, i want to hold you close tonight
let you no know that everything is all right
It`s just the way that you love
It`s just the way that you care
you`ll be there for me, i know

My first, my last
I`m goin to love you forever
My first, my last
I`m going to leave you for never


Ever since i saw you i knew
That I`ll be there for you
call you, we can go to the mall
shop `till you drop, stop with my icebox
take you to see a movie or we could just car hop
walk in the park, talk til it`s dark
than i can`t wait till the next day to start
hold you hand, sweet like candy, never figure it out
they just don`t understand
listen close to what i`m sayin, baby girl, i got planes
you only live once, keep it real, tell you the truth
when i`m older i`d probley give you a ring
cuz you are my first,my last,my everything

Girl,i think of you last night and wondered if you`re safe
if you`re ok
it`s just the way that you move me
girl you`ll never lose me
i`ll be there for you because
you`re my first
no matter how high
no matter how low
i`ll be there for you baby
wherever you are,thats where i`ll go
that`s where i want to be


you make me smile every minute
it`s been worth my while
perfume, lipstick, i like your style
hit up the movies, we shared all types of goodies
stayy for the prom,shorty was the bomb
i touched her,she put her hands in my arms
we danced all night to every song
did the romeo joint dance when my song came on?
last dance, last chance, for me
to make a move
make better, do it fast i can`t
i`m to scared she might laugh
memories of the first kiss i ever had

chorus (repeat)

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