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Diamond And Gold

Lil' Troy

yo nigga, we rollin on the phone,
rollin mo scrilla on my primCo phone,
i'm like a big fat gorilla with my skizza,
like a mutha fuckin game quizza.
I buss a left, a right, i'm mutha fuckin tight,
my frosty wrist is worth a mill,
now get down ho and suck on lil' will,
we rollin down the block, with intendin to kill,
put up yo mutha fuckin hands, yo, this shit fo' reel,
the Po'Po' be creepin on the lo' lo',
cuz they don't no no, i'm the big ass skrilla that be fuckin yo ho,
now get down on your knees and slop da knob,
don't fuck with this skrilla, i'm the motha fuckin bomb,
and i eat chicken wangs with corn on the cob.

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