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Lil Wayne

I know... I know. Lil Weezy, this is dedicated to my father.
What happened nigga? Ya'll excuse the expressions.
What it be like up in heaven? Hey it's ya son holla'n at cha.
I miss the shit without ya.It's hard to be without ya. But
I know you watchin. Keep it down on how many, hey tell
Jesus,"Thank You" for the blessings he's sending.Please
ask him to forgive me for the sins I commit. Just let him
know I'm still young and have risks. Say ha, I won't forget
the time you caught me smoking herb in the house, I was
dead wrong and I deserved to get out. But, you just talked
it over with my mom and got it situated in due time and told
me to get the paper instead of high. So, now I take that advice
and shead light over my whole life dawg. I wanted to be just
like you, my whole life dawg. I can't believe them niggas
blowed you, that shit's pain to me. But don't trip, I hold you
down, you still remain through me. Dawg I know I can't see
you, but I bet that you smilin'. I'm a make you even happier, I

I know you can't be close to me,
nigga I know.
But I know your watchin over me,
nigga I know.
But this shit, steady hurt, it burn deep,
but it's alright dawg, everything gon be alright dawg.


I know you see my daughter growin up,
and bad as ever.
But she cool,
cause she do whatever daddy tella.
And your wife,
she still the most wonderful woman.
I just built her a new house,
she ain't wantin for nothin.
D 'n' Slim,
them niggas still love me like they own child.
Mrs. Rose, her nerves is bad,
but still she gon smile.
For me, I want some squach,
and some debate it.
But I know they love it,
way more than they hate it.
But I know you probably laughin,
the way I treat these hoes and bitches.
I try to love em and keep em,
trip em but drag em.
The one thing,
I got the game from you.
Every perspective,
that's why I keep the gun in close connection,
for protection.
And you can see I left school behind,
and I chose MB.
It was impossible on our street,
but I know enough.
And I follow by everything you ever told me,
think postive. Watch over me my nigga,
just guide me.

Chorus twice.

I sweated you man,
and sometimes I really wish I was with you.
Cause I get fed up with this life,
and I'm miserable.
Somebody pass me a tissue,
let me wipe the tears from my eyes.
Yeah, nigga I cry,
it's cause I love you dawg.
I promise i won't ever put nothin above you dawg.
So I live my life in dedication of you dawg.
I know you see me happy on the outside,
and hurt within.
Make me wanna grab that gun,
and burst again.
But, I know they got a reason why I'm here,
and I know they got a reason that you gon.
And therefore,
I'm succeedin' on my own.
But you ain't never left me nigga,
you still dwell in my heart,
I can't forget,
you kept it real from the start.
And until my last breathe,
I exhale, and I'ma keep you with me.
And when we do meet again,
I'ma keep you with me.
But tell them niggas,
Pac and Biggy,
they is my people's.
Watch over me nigga,
till I see you.

Chorus three times.

I know I cant be close to you nigga,
I know you watchin over me I know.
This shit's steady, burn deep.
Alright dawg,
everything gon be alright dawg.
Nigga, it's your son,
I'm down here holdin you down...

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