I Know You Strapped

Lil' Wyte

line of that funk,
now you fallin` up in the spot and you thinkin` that you crunk,
you ain't crunk, yous a punk, and I'ma show you that tonight
all it takes is one killer to step and we can start a fight
in the middle of the club, bitch wasup we can do this shit
security ain't gonna jump in the way because they scared of this
implantin` this into ya brain so you know the next time you cross the line
again it's standin` full of sin when you fuck wit the boss
biggest,badest,roughest motha` fucker, but ya still a bitch
I'm comin` in crunker than the others for th fuck of it
liquor bottles hit ya harder than some syrup when ya slum
have ya shakin`, fakin`, body achin` by the time I'm done
legally this isn't right but ask me if I give a shit
peacefully I'll read your rights and have you beggin` me to quit
hit ya weed and liquor or whatever else it takes to jump
just remember, just cause you fucked up it doesn't mean your crunk,

chorusx2: I know you strapped, but you cowards like to play hard
and know that you don't wanna catch a murder charge ,
see butsters to get full of that weed and liquor snort a line,
in ya mind now yous a killer

Talking: man gotdamn paul man you might have to slow this motha` fucker down a
little bit man I'm on that syrup man I'm high and I'm drunk man you need to
slow down

Verse 2: I'm not scared of you just cause you came in actin` a damn fool
runnin` lip talkin` shit, bet you wouldn't without ya tool
now ya hard very hard ballin` down the boulevard, pissy pants doin` ya dance
I'm behind ya in a faster car, weak as water so is yo mama, father and ya
faculty, quickly sauder up yo lips so you can't trip or speak of me
watch me creep up froom the back wit gats and pick you of by ones, had to
repaint the walls wit ya while ya smokin on ya blunt, next time when you step
to the plate come back and just let it rip, stead of bitchin` out I thought
your, you ran back to ya whip, holy ghost is up in ya when you see me you fade
away, makin` fun of all you cowards powered by a pack of bay
hopefully one day you'll find out in th end you just a bitch
until then just keep on drinkin` smokin` snortin` up some shit

chorusx2...fade out

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