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None Tonight

Lil' Zane

[Lil' Zane]
A yo check this out
I'm sayin
We been on this dance floor all night
Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired
And I'm just sayin my next question is
Are you comin home wit a nigga or what?

[chorus] (Lil' Zane) & a female
(I just wanna have some fun tonight)
Sorry baby but you aint gettin none tonight
(Tell me can you make me feel like I'm the one tonight, gimmesome tonight)
Sorry you aint gettin none tonight

[Lil' Zane]
Now its the middle of the night boo
And I met a lot of girls just like you
And then I really start to like 'em too
I keep 'em iced out words on
I need a hot girl wit curves on
And a diamond thong, wit platinum tongue
And I know when to keep it on
And I push my own whip
I'm the nigga that you need to go home wit
I'm the nigga that you need to go bone wit
Cause Lil' Z be the nigga that dont owe shit
That shit you kick aint game to me
I got money to bitch who you came to see
You came here in a see through just so I can peep you
Circle around the club all night 'till I beeped you
And like a trick I'm a treat you
Take a cheese bitch FREEZE!! then I cheat you
When you shit off in the club
Smokin shit off in the club
Poke a bitch off in the club
I bare ice and a dice game
Role snake eyes twice wit them pinky rangs
Them weed niggas bitch when they see the chain
How the platinum hangs
Dont slip cause a nigga still packin them thangs
And the game we can show like Ice-T
And aint no tellin how old a nigga might be
Long as I got my own B and I'm icy
I cant see no reason you dont like me
Cant name one nigga thats like me
I dont blame no nigga dont like me
I put the Gators on and tell them haters on
And if you see me outside the raid is on

[chorus] - 2x

[Lil' Zane]
Scene two

I bet that you hot up in my drop top
I got the block locked
Tell your freinds to play the war, cause they like to cockblock
Ballin on these niggas hard
You should'a seen us in that shit, I swear to God
She grab my hands to the dance floor
The way she shake it got me bout to take my pants off
I ask her for the numbers then she glance off
I saw a man in the corner slowly backed off
I got my hands off
Wit my hormones ragin
I ran into this asian mixed she was half caucasion
Got into a conversation
But me bein impatient
You know I got into the dazin
Put up the "Don't Disturb" sign
Wanna see if she was even worth my time
Wanna see if this bitch can work for mine
See if she could cock and bust my nine inches
This is for all them fine bitches out to get my thugs riches
And all clown in the club
Coochie down in the club
Shoot you down in the club
Talkin shit off in the club
And startin shit off in the club
Its hot as shit off in the club
All these bitches and I cant hit off in the club


[Lil' Zane]
A check this out
A check this out baby
We gone take this one to the parking lot

I spit that thug game
For them ones that love game
And they'll be your best freind
And find what you restin
And gone blow your chest in
That thang is weapon
And young niggas be ballin hard
Wit they squad
Everybody iced out jumpin cars
Scratchin whips
We all got chips who you fuckin wit?
Who you know get money and they know they the shit?
We get down if I ask and my niggas get hit
Do you know how many millions you sittin wit?
Do you know how mani diamonds my wrist can fit?
Ice the bandana wit the thug to match
Y'all niggas gone need help to match
Matter fact you need help wit that?
Point me to the bra strap look baby gotta plane to catch

[chorus] - 3x

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