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Getcha Groove On (Complete)

Limp Bizkit

Xzibit: millenium shit, limp bizkit, x to the z, bringin' it liveto
you and yours, ladies and gentlemen my homeboy yo, get
at em dog

fd: chorus: you don't wanna fuck with me today
cause a little somethin somethin didn't go ya way
so try not to be like that today
cause i'm a real motherfucker from round the way
and we don't give a fuck when we're rockin the place
we're only givin a fuck if you're invadin the space
so getcha getcha groove on
don't keep us waitin too long

don't you treat me like a toy kid, do you enjoy this
every single second i'm alive i'm a mess
got these laser beam mic checks communicating through thegenelec
high tech keep you on the run now, don't wanna be that guy
every single second i'm alive i'm alive
don't understand why i got this trunk full of candy
and you're so high bumpin off the sweetness, this is what youneed
another little piece of me inside of you
cause you know that i'll always keep it true
and that's exactly what i do, it's what i do


xzibit: i got breakneck delivery no time for chivalry
extraordinary ability shit longevity
dig deep in ya soul and find ya self
cuase mind control could turn yall to someone else
so fast ya head will probably spin the fuck right off
me and fred about to go half on microsoft
them live earnin twenty percent those little half-assed directhits
ain't even makin a dent what an event, ah hell xzibit and limp
as we atempt to bring home the championship it's all in therisk
i'll still lead the league and assist
give me the fifth, i'm drinkin while i'm takin a piss, bitch


xzibit: i got untapped material, i serial kill shit, give methat real shit
quick finish em off , quick makin ya jaw split when i'm touchinthe mosh pit
constant conflict knockin faggots unconscious nauseous
raisin the stakes increasin the weight
got homies that can't lay down and lift the plate
so quit tryin to invade my space
before i call for a face-to-face and got to rest my case like

fd: this is how we do it, just recognize we keep gettin right toit
look into these eyes, look into these eyes and you'll see thesize of the flames
then you might despise the size of my game
step the fuck back, xzibit's on the track
you shoulda buckled up before your head hit the dash
you gotta hate that, a demo from a eight-track
brought me to a place where platinum comes in eight stacks

chorus 3x

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