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Pop From Hell

Espen Lind

Just roll the soundtrack
Let the lights dim down to blue
They've dressed their voodoo dolls
And named them after you

Burn your every bridge
Sever all your ties
Give confessions where
You serve them all your lies
Does it get you high
Does it make you whole
Does it get you by
As you play your role

You make me so hard
Because you're a star
You dress like the devil
Then you sing like a god
They love when you smile
You rock'n'roll child
Baby this is pop from hell

Just wear your knee pads
And your finest little dress
When uncle Devil comes
Disguised as great success

Jesus was a saint
You the biggest fan
Bet his money on
The horse that bit his hand
Don your finest shirt
Rip yourself apart
Wallow in the dirt
Baby that's your art

You make me so hard
Because you'rea star
You dress like a devil
And they label it art
They got you on tape
So you can't escape
Baby this is pop from hell

You're in too deep
Your life will make you weep
When you see the battle isn't won
It's only just begun

You make me so hard
Because you're a star
And I just don't believe
You don't like what you've got
They know how to throw
One hell of a show
Baby this is pop from hell

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