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Piece Of Love

Lionel Richie

Time can heal a broken heart
Oh, but does it really ease the mind?
I know it's hard for you
Though you say that you're not longing for my touch
I know it pains you much

What's wrong, baby?
What's on your mind?
Did you leave a piece of love behind?

Night begins with calls from you
Oh, asking me if I'm alright
I'm really not sure, baby
I'm wondering if your love for me has gone away
Like I heard you say


It's hard to say
We've made mistakes
But when it's not over
It's best to put pride away
Two eyes should not cry the tears of regret
'Cause two lips won't let go of an age old lovers lie
Oh baby, oh, oh, oh

I'd do anything for you
I will give you all my heart
Did you leave a piece of love behind?
Oh, did you leave your love behind?

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Compuesta por: Booker T. Jones / Jeff Byrd / Marva King. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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