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I Need Love

Ll Cool J

When I'm alone in my room Sometimes I stare at the wall and in
The back of my mind I hear my conscience call, telling me I needa
Girl who's as sweet as a dove for the first time in my life Isee
I need love, there I was
Giggling about the games that I had played with many hearts, I'm
Not Saying No-names then the thought occurred, tear drops mademy
Eyes burn as I said to myself look what you've done to her, I
Can feel it inside, I can't explain how it feels, all I now is
That I'll never dish another raw deal playing make believe
Pretending that I'm truth holding in my laugh as I say that Ilove

Sayin' amor kissing you on the ear, whispering I love you
When I'll always be here. Although I often reminisce I can't
Believe that I found a desire for true love floating aroundinside
My soul because my soul is cold, one half of me deserve to bethis
Way until I'm old but the other haft needs affection and joy
And the warmth that is created by a girl and a boy I need love

Romance, sheer delight how sweet I gotta find me a girl to makemy
Life complete You can scratch my back, we'll get cozy andhuddle
I'll lay down my jacket so you can walk over a puddle I'll give
You a rose, pull out your chair before we eat, kiss you on
The cheek and say Oh girl! You're so sweet, it's deja vu
Whenever I'm with you, I could go on forever tellin ' you what
I do but where you at you're neither here or there I swear I
Can't find you anywhere, damn sure you ain't in my closet or
Under my rug this love search is really making me bug and if
You know who you are why don't you make yourself seen, take achance
With my love you'll find out what I mean. Fantasies can run
But they can't hide when I find you I'm a pour all my love insideI
Need love

I wanna kiss you, hold you, never scold you, just love you
Suck on your neck caress you and rub you, grind moan and neverbe
Alone if you're not standing next to me, you're on the phone
Can't you hear it in my voice? I need love bad, I got money
But love is something I never had
I need your ruby red lips sweet face and all I love you
More than a man who's teen feet tall, I'd watch the sunrise inyour
Eyes we're so in love when we hug, we become paralyzed ourbody
Explode in ectasy unreal you're as soft as a pillow and I'm ashard
As steel it's like a dream-land I can't lie I've never been
There maybe this is an experience that me and you can share
Clean and unsoiled yet sweaty and wet I swear to you this is
Something I'll never forget I need love

See what I mean I've changed I'm no longer a play boy on the run, I
Need something that's stronger friendship, trust, honor, respect
And admiration this whole experience has been such a revelation
It taught me love and how to be a real man to always
Be considered and do all I can, protect you, you're my lady
And mean so much, my body tingles all over from the
Slightest touch of your hand and understand I'll be frozen
In time, till we meet face to face and you tell me you're mine, if
I find you girl, I swear I'll be a good man, I'm not gonna leaveit in
Destiny's hands I can't sit and wait for my princess to
Arrive, I gotta struggle and fight to keep my dream alive I'll
Search the whole world for that special girl when I finallyfound
You, watch our love unfurl, I need love

Girl, listen to me
When I be sitting in my room all alone starring at the wall
Fantasies, they go thru my mind and I've come to realize that Ineed
True love and if you wanna give it to me girl, make yourselfseen
I'll be waiting
I love you

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Compuesta por: Bobby Erving / Darryl Pierce / David Pierce / Dwayne Muffla Simon / James Todd Smith / LL Cool J / Robert Ervin. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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