King Of Downtown


You're the king of downtown and
Nothing left to say
Cause you bled all believers then you
Washed it away

You're the king of downtown
And your jesters have stayed
But you've got nothin' comin'
Cause you got nothing left to say
Cause you're down

Can you take it? Gonna feel alright? Do you feel allright?

All's left forsaken and
You go back to Idaho cause
You're mommy is waiting
You've got nothing left to show

Can you feel it? Can you feel alright? Does it feel?
Can you take it? Can you take it down? Does it feel?

They had you to believe in
But you went away
Did you give them time?
It's good you went away

Gonna take it? Gonna take it down? Gonna feel
Do you feel it? Do you take it down? Do you feel at all?

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