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In An I Love You Mood


Someone just reminded me of you tonight
She tossed her hair, she caught my eye
She took me by surprise
Every note of every chord I play
The words of every song I sing
Mean nothing, no!, without you, girl

I'm in an I love you mood
Oh, I've been like that all day
I'm in an I love you mood
Oh, I've been thinking
It's more than I can take

Some dreams keep reminding me
Of lonely nights
You reach for me
I touch your smile
Kiss your sweetie eyes
Everyday I wake alone
Now our house is not a home
And it means nothing
Without you, girl

Ha, can you hear the pain inside of me
It's calling out your name
Calling out your name

I'm in a you broke into my heart mood

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Written by: George Chandler / Jimmy Chambers / Jimmy Helms / Liam Henshall. Isn't this right? Let us know.