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Unusually Unusual


She introduced herself as Amy, said call me Caroline for short
I just moved in three doors down so I wouldn't be the girl nextdoor
And I knew the shoes she wasn't wearing fit her just right
She said "Hey, man did you know that somebody left your grass outin the yard all night?"

She's unusually unusual
Absolutely unpredictable
She's so different and that's what's wonderful
She's unusually unusual
And that's beautiful to me

She had a tattoo above her ankle of a trident submarine
She said it symbolized awesome powers hidden deep within ourdreams
And her diamond eyes, different in color, held me captive intheir light
And she said "Hey, man did you know we used to be brothers insome past life?"


Some people may thinks she's strange, a different cup of tea
But she just does it for me

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