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That's The Way

Look Twice

* That's the way aha aha I like it aha aha

Come on it's the way I like it,
It's girley-time come on pass the mic
Gotta get close when you move your hips
Get up
I wanna feel your lips
Looking good aha I just know it,
Something like show you make me crazy
It's in your body every time I see you
Aha that's the way you wanna play it
It's my turn and I have to say it

Time to get up time to shake your behind
Let's get it on gotta flow with your mind
Back on the track I'm the one you see
For the ladies I'm a super freak
Back on the case it's my originality I get on the mic
And show them what it's gonna be
On the move when the girls get crazy
Here comes the Winnie and you gotta face me

That's the way I like it baby come again cause I might say maybe
Turn around gonna turn you up
Your body from the bottom to the top
Hug you down aha now you're thinking a guy like me
Just keep on thinking
No way gonna have it my way I'll make it alright aha I like

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