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Doggie Tom

Lords Of Acid

Everytime I get naked
My doggy sees it all
He always gets excited
Cause I'm his squeaky doll
He's a horny little bastard
He's drooling from his tongue
I rub myself with candy
Gonna lure him with a bone

When I take him walking
With his studded jacket on
He's a macho little puppy
I pet him for a job well done
He don't care much for bitches
They ain't his cup of tea
He loves his little pussy
And that pussycat is me

He's always feeling kinky
Oh yes he loves to play these games
On Sundays he's my doggy
On Monday he's my slave
I'm willing and I'm able
To turn my baby on
As long as he feels happy
He can be whatever he wants

Tom Tom-poodle Tom-got a bone for a job well done (x3)
Tom Tom-doggie Tom-you make me come Tom

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Written by: Jade 4 U / Oliver Adams / Praga Khan. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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