Pour mercy, mercy on me
Set fire to history
I'm breakin' my own rules
I'm cryin' like a fool

Tall stories on the page
Short glories on the fade
I been close enough to touch
But I never cared for love

It's a church of burnt romances
And I'm too far gone to pray
It's a solo song
And it's only for the brave

If the truth tell, darling, you'd feel
Like there ain't enough dying stars in your sky
It's a tall tale
And it's only hello, hello, no goodbye (goodbye)

Pour mercy, mercy on me
I'll fall upon my knees
And they'll say: I told you so
Come on, when you know, you know

All the lonely shadow dances
From the cradle to the grave
It's a solo song
And it's only for the brave

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Written by: Louis Tomlinson / Andrew Jackson / Duck Blackwell · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Lia, Subtitled by Suzanne
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