vistas 38

Here at the Starlite


It's close to 2 AM I've given up
Trying to find her
I lost my heart under the neon lights
At the Starlite Diner

She used to sit across the table
Smoking her cigarettes
Well that was then
Now I've got this booth all to myself

I see her eyes I see her smile
I hear her laugh
Memories too close to home for something
That's never coming back

I lost my heart by those neon lights
At the Starlite Diner one November night
I thought I could make it but now
I see that I might die
All alone, my heart gone, here at the Starlite

Jukebox don't know it's the graveyard shift
It shakes rattles and rolls
Since the night that I lost my heart
The sad songs are all I know

Waitress brings me a coke
Calls me darlin
I think about my girl
Drinking coffee smoking her Camel wides
She was the sweetest thing in the world