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Hoeeeeee (Hoe)
You's a Hoeee (Hoe)
You's a Hoe, I said that you's a Hoe (Hoe)
You's a Hoe (Hoe)
You's a Hoe (Hoe)
You's a Hoe, I said that you's a Hoe (Hoe)

You doing Hoe activity
With Hoe tendencies
Hoes are your friends, Hoes are your enemies
With hoe energy to do what you do
Blew what cha blew, screw what cha screw
Ya'll professional like DJ Clue
You pulling on my coat tail
Now why you think you take a Hoe to a Hoe-tel
Hoe -tell everybody, even the mayor
Reach up in the sky for the Hoe-zone layer
C'mon playa once a ho always
Them Hoes neva close, they open like hallways
So here's the Hoe cake for your Hoe Hoe crew
And everybody wants some, cuz Hoes gotta eat too


Your can't turn a Hoe into a house wife
Hoes don't act right
There's Hoe on a mission and there's hoes on a crack pipe
Hey Hoe, How you doin' Where you been?
Prolly doing Hoe stuff Cuz there you Hoe again
It's a Hoe wide world, (uh huh)that we livin' in
Feline feminine fantastical women
Not all, just some
You Hoe who you are
There's Hoes in the room, there's Hoes in the car
There's Hoes on stage, there's Hoes by the bar
Hoe's by near and Hoes by far

But can i get a ride?
C'mon nigga why?
Cuz you's a


You got a run in your panty-Hoes
Even your daddy knows
that you sucking down chocolate like daddy-os
Your Hoes are horrible, horendous
On taxes ya'll writin' off, Hoes is dependents
I see the Hoe-rizon, It ain't surprising
It's just a Hoe-asis, with ugly chiks faces
Hoes don't feel so sad and blue
Cuz most of us niggas is Hoes too

(You's a Hoe)
(Muthafucka, I ain's no Hoe)
(yo mama a ho)

(Mutha fuckas,
I'm so tired Of ya'll niggas always talkin about hoe this and Hoethat)
(You the muthafuckin Hoe nigga)
(I wasn't no Hoe last night)

Hoe bring your ass
(Okay hold on)

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