Its a little late love the night is caving in
Lights hang overhead like stars - my dress is black as sin
And the music is low and my body is yours
Wont you hold me tight until they close the doors

And the rhythm is smooth like the sea against the sand
And I tremble with each touch of your hand
You don't really know me and I don't recall your name
But I like the way your body moves and i know you feel the same

So welcome to the club life baby step into my world
I don't care if you got much cash, if you're a boy or a girl
Its the way you wear your hair, your careless little smile
Its the way you dance with me until I'm spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning yeah

Some might call it a one night stand, but I don't really care
It's far to late to define this and we cannot stay here
So it's out into the street, and it's out into the night
And it's so long to this love affair, so I'll kiss you goodbye

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