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The Day Squid's Gerbil Died


The day Squid's gerbil died, he was D.O.A.
Don't do it! No! Doggy's not supposed to chase
Him around at all Squid put the dog gate up
So he couldn't get to the third floor
But doggy pushed it down and chased the gerbil
All around, chased him in circles, from noon until four
Don't do it! No!
She had to take care of him during Spring vacation,
Came in from playing one day
And he was dead on location A gerbil stiff as a board
Staring blankly at the world
Now he wont play on his Wheel anymore

Licking Sniffing, Pawing, Snorting, Pissing, Shitting,
Jumping, Drooling, Growling, Chasing, Staring, Digging,
No Means No Means No!

*The day Squid's gerbil died, he was D.O.A.
The day Squid's gerbil died, Oh my god, how she cried
Don't do it! No!

A little later on in life came a gerbil couple
They got together, had some babies
but then came trouble Daddy gerbil bit their heads off
Squid came too late to pull him off
More gerbil funerals, without heads they would rot

*repeat No! No! No!
You're a bad bad dog
And I told you not to do it
And I told you not to go
Now you're choking on a bone!

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