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The Childcatcher


Baby, he says, you are like the clean white page and I thepen
The innocence I find between your girlish thighs is like thefountain of youth to my old bones

And she replies: Daddy's little girl's a precocious child
I love to please, I'll do anything that you ask of me
Eager to fulfill all of Daddy's needs

Baby, he says, I can never love older girls like I love you
You're easier to please and you never give me grief
'Cause you accept everything I say and do

And she replies, I'm in no position to make demands
I have no past, no one else has done to me what you do
I've got no one else to compare you to

And as you grow older, try to stay sixteen all your life
Old women grow bitter, don't let that happen to you

And why is it charming pretending I'm younger than my years?
Why can't I grow up with dignity? Set me free

Baby, he says: Now that you're older I feel our love hasdied
Once upon a time you never criticised me
Oh, I much preferred you as a child

And I reply: Everything you said to me was a lie
I know your kind, you just want a daughter without a wife
You don't need a girlfriend you need a life

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