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I don't wana feel like I'm stranded
Left me all alone I can't take it no more
I wish that you were here by my side
'Cause I remember those days, when it was our time
If I could right the wrong that I did
I would give it all to you
If you here I know you would too (know you would too, yeah)

I don't wana feel like I'm stranded
Oh, baby, I don't wana be here alone
'Cause I don't wana feel abandoned
But baby, heaven is the place I love the most

Now that I'm alone and you walked away from me
I just don't wana live any more (any more, any more, baby)
I gave my life to you, like you gave your life to me
If only I could show what I mean
'Cause I give you more than ever
If you were here you would need me to
(Don't wana be, don't wana be)

I know I'll see you again some day
I'll be waitin' for that day all my life (all my life)
I know that things will be the same again
I that some day I will see you again

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