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Secret Nirvana

Lyah Sharon

Private Nrvana
had said a time to me that the mace killed the snow
white and banished Adam and Eva of the paradise But if thishappened
because alive in the sky?
I live in the place that is nirvana nirvana of the sin perhapsbut
nirvana where you can make what I to want with me I come I leaveto
take you boy I come I leave I to take you girl the life I am very
short and I am only

A full place of sin comes to know nirvana lost where the sin
does not arrive because sin is not to love Comes you dear comes
darling a gift mine for you my heart and my
soul does
Chorus 2x
not cry for me I does not cry for you If I was even so I ambecause
you never he was enough but one day could be enough...
Chorus 2x

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