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M People

You walk on in and my heart catches fire.
My head explodes with visions of desire.
Mmm, you touch my heart, oh you,
you tear me apart.
I can't even think,
you touch me and I, I...

[chorus 1]
I get so excited,
I get so excited,
I get so excited in your arms.

Within our love there is no compromise.
Boy can't you see seduction in my eyes. Mmm.

[chorus 2]
So climb right on in,
you know, love's not a sin,
you can kiss all of me,
'cos you're my ecstasy, and...

[chorus 1] [x2]

You and me so excited. [x4]
You - me - (mmmm) you - me - (yeah heh) you - me - (mmmm) you -

[chorus 2]

[chorus 1]

(So excited) Excite me baby!
(So excited) You know you can do it!
(So excited) Whooah yeah!
Whooah yeah!
(So excited) [x3]

You know you can do it. [x4]

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Written by: Mike Pickering / Paul Heard. Isn't this right? Let us know.