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Hide Your Heart


All alone in this garden of earthly delights
No one aroun to tell us whats wrong or right
And I`m plucking this forbidden
fruit down from the tree
now I`m holding out the appel
won`t you come to me

Can you see it
Can you feel it
Do you want it
Can`t you smell it
Almost taste it
Are you hungry oh oh oh

You`d better hide your heart oh tonight ( x2)

Two paths to go down it``s up
to you to decide
Let go of innocence or hold
on to your pride
I will lead you
Don`t be frightened
You could be king
Live forever

You`d better hide your heart oh tonight (x2)

Fall into temtation
Yiedling to sensaition
Give in to seduction
There`s nowhere left to run
It`s do or die
You`d better hide

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