Traffic In The Sky

Mac Miller

Recently it seem like every where we go
The drinks stay cold where we coolin'
Being broke starts to get a little old
My money had to get some fine tunin'
Tonight might be the night I make it
So let's live it up and dont regret it at all
All these faces, different places
People hit me up but I'm forgettin to call
Get away to California when the weather get's colder
My honey's by the pool and I'm sippin on mimosas
Chillin at the beach house loungin' on the sofa
Try to find a cheuffer on my way to blow up

Stoner, roll up, fishin, champange wishin'
Five star chefs they cookin' in the kitchen
But makin only the good shit
See the way I livin' they like oh my goodness

I tell em I'm fine
I ain't got a damn thing on my mind
And baby all we got is time
Let's just watch the clouds go by

In the rain I need to Panic
Girl, we can lay upon this hammack
No need to pose, everything here is candid
Livin' in the moment, feelin so splendid
Bottles on me you can put it on the Debit
I'm just tryin to have fun tonight, so everybody wang chung tonight
Girl, you could fall in love tonight
'Cause trust me I'ma fuck you right
Got My louise shades on
Ain't a damn thang wrong
Fillin' up cup till the bottle all gone
We just coolin', coolin', feel the breeze
Had to give you something
You could sing of key like la lala lala lala
(La lala lala lala) I be puffin' that la lala lala la
(That la lala lala lala) I tell 'em I'm fine
I ain't got a damn thang on my mind
Now baby all we got is time
Let's just watch the clouds go by
Ahh, Ahh, ahh, ahh

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