Yeah, well I'm, just being honest my conscience ain't doin' bad
Because I try to minus the problems that I attract
And half the time the wheels that's in the back of my mind just keep on turning 'til the tires flat and burn until the fire cracks
I do not lie, though facts may seem a little far-fetched
It's only 'cause I may be make believe and full of darkness when I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place
Walk and droppin' change inside your empty guitar case, that charity, uh
I move carelessly, that's why I'm always trippin'
And yes I like electrolytes they help me go the distance
Not too efficient but the way it's always been
Until the day we have to meet again

Here to wait when it ain't really safe and it don't seem right
But what's new, you'll get used to the bullshit, this room they gon' mess up
It's likely, they might be, but

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