She say she love me for these cold ass raps
Wanna be involved but no strings attached
Listen honey, Im feeling kinda hungry
Go to dinner with your girls can you bring something back
Its unusual that, I would feel so strong
The party upstairs, you waiting in the lobby
Fuck cares, valet the Ferrari
Bright Vegas lights get alarming, Im sorry
Too drunk for sex, I might pass out early
Just keep it wet and Ill hit it in the morning
The glory, free faller, 43 stories
Cordially setting forties, hooked up to morphine
For sure clean like bald heads
Kinda wish we would fuck more and talk less
Except, me and you a little far fetched
Reach for the stars, got my arms stretched, God bless

I can feel it tonight, but dont be mad if Im late
Im just caught at the lab
I can be there in the morning
I can feel it tonight, but dont be mad if Im late
I just got home for the night
Im gonna be there in the morning

And I, I need a cool bitch conversation skills
Roll blunts in the love of Darth Vader films
Love to sit there and chill when I play the keys
Wanna turn to false love to go and rake the leaves
Make believe, used to dream of being Ann Marie
Or a model for Maybelline, but fantasies tend to die off
When you grow up quickly
The walls are the same exact color as a Tiffany box
Make a profit solving riddles on a popsicle stick
If she good, she would leave in a rocket ship
The way she feel got her nervous like a doctors trip
Mom says she should see a psychologist
Say she love me for these cold ass raps
Never tell me where the cocaine stash
She up late, worry, tell me hurry up home
11 Missed Calls on my phone

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