Hey, uhh with my backpack on as I dip from class
If my mom see I'm gone she gonna kick my ass
Hop in the whip and laugh, I got some piff to grab
Then go and scoop treej then sit and pass around the weed
While we talk about life
And all the different ways to get rich over night
Shit, I think I'mma be a billionaire
But, this life here ain't really fair
I try and do my own thing be a little different
See I'm just trying to spit about this life that I'm living
And if it was a game I be playing extra innings
Never be the same trying to find out where I fit in
I'm in the sky, but I haven't found a limit
So I'mma keep rising for another couple minutes
Until I reach maximum altitude
Himalayan mountain view, I get refreshed without a mountain dew
They wonder bout this malcolm dude
Oh thats just my government name
No republican, you never see me running with lames
I got the most dope with me from city, to city
Looking for a spot to get tipsy
Carry music that I hussle like nipsey
The type of bars putting stones in your kidneys
I think I found my passion
Used to play sports now all I play is madden
Hey, I used to hoop like okafor
Now there's henny bottles where all of my trophies were
The boy's from the north, married to the speaker
If you dont know me, it's nice to meet ya

Haha yeah, hold up, hold up

It was all a dream, I used to read vibe magazine
Picture myself right on the cover looking clean
With some size 30 jeans, and a medium t
You ain't fresh til it fit right, get like me!
See he never tried to be a g
Tricks is for kids, got them hidden in my sleeve
Which cover my tattoos, oh yeah script shit
While this earth stay spinning like a kickflip
A misfit in this clique filled world
Groupies tryin' to holla while I'm chilling with my girl
Cause I'm all that, no nickelodeon
Address the class when I'm standing at the podium
They don't belive me, guess I'm the only one
See this path gets slippery, petroleum jelly
Sitting by the tele watching movies
I be up in the air, no george clooney
Killing em softly with the fugees
Walking in the party like I own the place, "who's he?"
Somebody answer that, you seem them stand and clap
The boy got presents like santa's bag

Just some mother fucking kids
Just some mother fucking kids
Tryna do it big, get it how we live
Just some mother fucking kids

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