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Yes, I hold some keys of gold
With cigarrettes, and silver bullet
Angels cry and devils lie
The world is our stage
Look inside and try and find
The part of me that's whole
I wish I knew
But I got threw behind...

Take my hand
Across this land
Escape this, all the hell inside
Create this man to make my stand
And break this hardened shell in time

I see a mirror to me
The lines along my face are drawn in
I believe reflections bleed
The sorrows of our souls
Let me know the hurt that shows
And wish it all away
Cause now you'll see why this pain and me


But I see the walls around me
Fall around me
And everything is alright
I see the god among me
Fall among me
And everything is beside
I see those walls surround you
Tie and bound you
You'll drown cause you're so cold

So take my hand
Across this land
And break this hardned shell in,
Hardened shell in,
Hardened shell in time...

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Written by: Machine Head / Robert Flynn. Isn't this right? Let us know.