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My Nutmeg Phantasy

Macy Gray

Baby, i know we had a bad day
You are so mad at me
It don't mean we have to mope around
Picture us on the moon
Happy like a cartoon
Believe in love and it will come down

Nutty nutmeg phantasy
Can't you see you and me
In my nutty nutmeg phantasy
Nutty nutmeg phantasy
You and me
Can't you see?
In my nutty nutmeg

Picture if i was understanding
And you were less demaning
And the only time we scream and shout
Is when we're making love babe
On top of cloud 8
Believe in love and it will come down


Imagine and maybe it will happen
You and me till the end
May be a dream but it's real to me
Chocolare covered roses
Love in massive doses
In my nutmeg phanta-ta-sy


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Written by: Daryle Swann / Finn Hammer / Keith Ciancia / Lonnie Marshall / Macy Gray / Tom Ralls. Isn't this right? Let us know.