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Time Of My Life

Macy Gray

When they come like left for day
I bet not in my head
And now I wanna be bigger,bein' here with you
It's not so hard to be
I can see in my dream,I know I'm gonna be better
My friends alway say

My friends alway
That every thing will be ok
But it don't always work out that way
Show in my famagam'
Me living in, cuz I'll remember when baby

I am..,the top of my life
Everything is right,with you
After all that I'd been through(yeah)
I ain't try to loose
This times of my life, with you
Baby I am

You'll say I'm outta line
So much on my mine
Like I wanna be bigger
Sometimes it don't rhyme
But when you're here with me(here with me)
I have all the tree(all the tree)
I know I wanna be better
My friends alway say



One day they will see
It'll shine on at me
Finally see me smile, hear me laughing(at last)
At last You'll be rehurt
Cuz long long time upserve
Now hope you hear
Baby baby I am....


I am...,the top of my life
Top of my life, with you
Baby take my hand
Cuz i wanna go on two
This time of my life,with you

Repeat till fade..

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