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Feel Good


Woke up this morning
Heard the rain beating down outside
Fed up and lonely
They were playing on my mind
Took my umbrella
And I went walking down my street
Must have looked worried
'Coz a stranger turned around and said to me
It'll be alright

Don't it make you feel good
When the sun comes after rain
Don't it make you feel good
When a chance you lost comes round again
Whe it doesn't feel right
Well there's something you should know
Behind every cloud there's a sun
Waiting to show
Don't it feel good

Strange things are happening
Every time you turn around
You get the feeling
You get up just to fall down
No use in complaining
You know it's true deep inside
But what happened to you
Anything that's worth having is worth the fight
You know it's worth the fight


It's the trials you overcome
Is the fear you faced one
The victories will make you grow strong

Don't it make you feel good
When it doesn't feel right
Behind every cloud there's a sun waiting to show


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Written by: A. Birgisson / Ali Tennant / C. Karlsson / Patrick Tucker / Wayne Hector. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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