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Dead Goon


Nobler Than Oedipus
Clairvoyant and Toothless
Foreplay With no Friends
Premature Until the End

I've Got a Secret
Babbling Senseless
No One Will Ever Know

Kids Can Be So Cruel
Smash the Feeling
Suckle the Sugar Breast

Too Happy - a Jerk Beyond a Smile
An Asphyxiophile
I'm the Humper; Stop Hitting Me
Walking the Plank, Swallowing Dirt

Johnny - Just Skin and Juice and Hair
A Hero Unaware
Tied in a Knot Beneath Giggling
My Own Two Hands Tickling Me

Innocent Friction
Boys and Girls Are Stealing My Oxygen
Sex? There's no Such Thing
All That's Left Is Laughing, Choking, Laughing

Playing Solitaire
A Rope and Mommy's Underwear
Hanging On, Letting Go
Dangling to and Fro


It Can't Happen Here

Floating Away
Fluid Seeping
Family Weeping
It Feels So Good
So Bad
But Please
Don't Tease Me

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