The master's eyes burned deep,
Deep into my mind.
He chose his words with care
To hide his frown.
His heart was like a stone,
Burdened and resigned,
He whispered and my hopes went down.

My son,
You're too loud,
You're too proud
And you don't want to learn.
You have reached the point of no return.

I know it's too late,
It may be true.
You think that mankind's lost to you.
But i feel that somehow
We'll break through again,
I know it's too late,
It may be true.
You think there's nothing we can do
But i feel we'll wash this mark of cain away,

Oh, this time you went too far,
You tampered with my grace
Misusing knowledge sent to you for progress.
We've never interfered
With your brutal savage race
But this time you've pushed to far
And made a mess

At the point of no return,
Please gaze upon the past
To see what you have done.
You are beyond the point of no return,
Your destiny is sealed,
You'll never learn.

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