(T-shirts, Dresses, Books, Stickers) the Bargain Beauty
(Seven Inches, Shoes, Glitter) She Loves the Sales
(Hairdye, Chocolate, Toys, Pictures) Shops For Her Friends
(Make-up, Paper, Pens, Knickers) Shops For Herself

When in Doubt She Will Just Get Both
She's a Shocking Shopaholic
Lots of Bags, Happy All the Time
She's a Shocking Shopaholic

(Computer Games, Notebooks, Bags) Draws Out a Plan
(Videos, Hairclips, Sweets, Mags) Three For a Fiver
(Guitars, Jumpers, Cds, Socks) It Is So Pleasing
(Keyrings, Jackets, Lps, Hats) Tension Releasing

I've Been a Happy Consumer Since 1989
Tell Me When the Sales Start
Yes I'm Always On Time
I've Got a Mind Like Elastic
But I'm First in Line
You Know I Have to Buy, I Need Consoling

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