Lookin for these better dayz
Better dayz heeyy better dayz, got me thinkin bout better dayz
Better dayz. better dayz, better dayz
Heeyy better dayz, got me thinkin bout better dayz

Time 2 question our lifestyle look how we live
Smokin weed like it aint no thang
So even kids wanna try now
Then lie down and get ran through
Nobody watches, I'm clockin a evil man do
Faced wit the demons and addicted to hearin victims screamin
Cuz we was evil since birth product of cursed semons
Cuz even our birthdays is cursed days
A born thug in the first place the worst ways
I love to see the block in peace
Wit no more dealers and crooked cops the only way to stop the beast
And only we can change
Its up to us to clean up the streets it aint the same
Too many murders, too many funerals and too many tears
Just seen another brother buried plus i knew him for years
Pass by his family but what can I say?
Keep your head up and try to keep the faith, and pray for better dayz

Better dayz better dayz
Heeyy better dayz
Thinkin bout better dayz
Better dayz better dayz better dayz
Heeyy better dayz
Got me thinkin bout better dayz

Thinkin back as an adolescent
Who would have guessed that in my future years
I'd be stressin
Some say the ghetto sick and corrupted
Plus my P-O wont let me hang wit the brothas i grew up wit
Try to keep my head up and stay strong
All my homies slangin yayo all day long
But they wrong
So Im solo and so broke
Savin up for some Jordans cuz they dope
I gotta girl and I love her but she broke 2
So am I
I cant take her to the places she wanna go 2
So we argue and play fight
All day and night
Makin passion and love to the daylight

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