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Madame Butterfly

Malcolm Mclaren

Madam Butterfly
from the opera "Madam Butterfly" by Puccini
adapted by Malcolm McLaren and Robby Kilgore

Back in Nagasaki I got married to Cho Cho San
that was her name
back in those days
and when I was her man
I'm going back to visit her
she got a problem
she got a little Cho Cho
Cho Cho San was her name
and this is her tale of woe
take it away Cho Cho

Cho Cho San:
Today's the day when I see clear
a tiny thread of smoke appear
where blue skies border on the ocean
and a ship is set in motion

All the while I sing this song
I see a dot on the horizon
growing bigger every second
gleaming white in my direction

Who on earth can it be
coming up the path for me
what on earth will he say
shall I run to him or run away

Freaking out he's come to get me
or my feet are stuck but just won't let me
run to him do I dare
Madam Butterfly don't blow it

Calling Butterfly, Madam Butterfly
that's the name he used to call give
he's my man till the day I die
oh sweet Butterfly, so sweet Butterfly
she's waiting
he'll be back, I have faith in this love track

Pinkerton's the name
Lieutenant Colonel Pinkerton! sir
U.S. Navy
I'm a bounder
I married a Yankee girl
but I went back to visit old Japan
where there she was, Cho Cho San

Cho Cho San:
Gotta have something to believe in
my white honkey sure do miss him
someday soon he'll come around
just to stop me nervous breakdown

Call me fool! Call me stupid!
bend my arrow kill this cupid
say it with me
he'll be back
I have faith in this love track

Little sweet sweet Butterfly
I hear him crowing faintly
thinks I'm just still sweet sixteen
I guess I'll tease him gently

Cho Cho San:
Calling Madam Butterfly
his angel lucked right from the sky
hide my baby in strange places
I feel the fear I might die

Right in his arms and embreaces
softly kissing my eyelashes
got no right no right to doubt it
ain't no doubt no doubt about it

Call me fool! call me stupid!
bend this arrow kil this cupid
I have faith I'll always pray
my white honkey's here to stay

Call me Butterfly, Madam Butterfly
Butterfly, Butterfly have no fear
I'll be back to wipe your tears
of sweet Butterfly, so sweet Butterfly
she's waiting
I'll wait for him with unshakable faith
he'll be back

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