...And the Ancient Witches Consume Psychotropic Teas


Take your wife and daughters,
Then you will be banished to the Kingdom of Tshatogua,
So will fall rains of sulfur that will wash Sodom

And two archangels fall from the heaven:
The Ecstasy and the Incest,
In your home the damned old master impaler
Afterwards, he will burn and will sell your skins

Are the archangels made of flesh?
Are the ruins made to the eternity?
Is the statue of salt sweet as honey?
Madelaine in the paradise of my pleasure

It\'s cold as the death
Transcendental intense ardor
She has the equilibrium of the insanity
In your mansion rise the Armmagedom

In the sacred hill the blessed orgies and psychotropic teas in consumption,
Impure nights,
The old master fuck the wife Madelaine and your daughters,
Mediocre\'s children

Blind divine archangels,
They\'re violated
In the sacred mixture of semen and sulphur,
Sacred existence destroyed,
Andromeda in cancer

Toy of the pure eclipse
Humans destroyed, archangels destroyed.

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