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Christin' me fuhrer nazarene
Believe in tomorrow not today
Give me all your possessions

Make poverty your perfect home
Allow your leaders to control you
Questions are now blasphemy

Why walk when you can crawl
Stay on your knees and kiss my feet
Censorship 'll stop your excess though
Check your billboard for my tour

Listen to Luke sermon six
"And if one of the occupation troops forces you to carry his
pack one kilometre then carry it two"

Be a tourist in a war zone
Interrogate scriptures and not your stinking home
That diet of bread on water's old

And now feed on alcohol drug and do what you're told
We'll take your number for a name
Soak mind control in christening water out of jail

Fall in love, fall in love with me
Nail a crucifix onto your soul
Fall in love, fall in love with me
Nail a crucifix onto your soul

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