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Inspire Me (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)

Manila Luzon

Trespassing on private property
FaceTiming with my mommy
Flipping out when playing Monopoly
Recycled plastic injected into Trinity
Eating Chickenjoy with Jiggly
Laughing when my husband tickles me
Getting vodka tonics at the bar for free
Teleport us to Mars, teletubby
Hot-glueing costumes on season three
Telling people my name comes from the Philippines
Autotuning catchy melodies
Knocking down portraits of Jujubee
I don't know why I can't stop singing
My voice is really really ear-piercing
Oh my God it's really annoying
Someone put me out of my misery

Ugh! Oh my Goodness
I had to put a stop to that before that song gets eternally stuck in all of our heads, just like Hot Couture
Okay. You're welcome. Alright. It's not gonna happen

God, it is catchy
Na na na na na Jeep Cherokee
Oh my God
Na na na Blanche and Dorothy
Oh God, it's happening!
Oh my God, help me! Please!

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Written by: Ashley Levy / Karl Westerberg / Paul Coultrup / Tomas Costanza · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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