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The Devil Song

Marcy Playground

Some kids, they know how to fight
Some kids run
I'm a thousand generations ahead of them
Cool as they come

See all my suits are Calvin Klein,
My lucky number's sixty-nine
And I've got all the things I need,
It's the nature of my breed

I'm independent,
Smooth and confident,
Always in command,
Graceful element
A tasteful compliment
Do you know who I am?

Look up and down, watch
The tiger's on the town tonight
I'm a deadly handsome man
I'm the lion in the lamb

Everywhere I go I make the scene
The ladies love to stroke me
I'm down and lazy, in my limousine
Oh cmon here, sweetie
Everything I say is like Socrates
Most people love to quote me
My real name is Mephostopholes
But you can call me baby

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