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Darkness It Shall Be


I have dreamt the dreams about Satan's beautiful promises
Of the dark arts and the blackened powers I possess
I have dreamt about worlds burning in millions of
Fires and the worthless christianity burning with them
I and you are all that is dark of the world and so we
Shall greet the everlasting night with pride
You and I bear the wisdom of a thousand geniouses and
We are granted the right to lead the people to their ends

I have dreamt a thousand dreams about crushing others
Dreams and also to unite the superior people of mine
I have dreamt about the mortals fears and terrors but
No horror will be as great as the fear of you and I
I and you will strike with the words and fist of Satan
Our enemies and friends alike to the ground
You and I our brother of higher birth shall ignore the
Cries and ignore the lament of the fools

A new age will come and a new king will be crowned
A new age will arrive in your own blood you all shall bedrowned
The new age of Satan the new age of hell
This is what I have seen and darkness it shall be

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