That's no way to live
All tangled up like balls of string
And we woke at dawn
And watched the sun glide over the hill

I just said the first
Three words that popped into my head
Let me off the bus
I'm tired and soar and should probably change clothes
And the circuits are blown
My woman is cold
Our children are stoned and worthless
All waiting for you to tell them the truth
The truth is a line, that you'll never use

And her dignity
Shown so bright like a light on a hill
And she burned for me
And no other man came near the flame
And back country songs
The defeaning twang of the rich-white-kid blues
You can own the stage
But the lights and glares will not make you real

She whispers to me, I was meant to be free
This life that we've built is deadly
She crawls from my bed, with a comb cross her head
She crawls to the train and drives herself home

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