It's too late to say you're sorry
It's too late for you

Apology has come a day late
Dollar short it's true
You messed around you took the bait
You play with me you lose
You wanna phone but nuthin' talk about

I know you been going out
Footloose and fancy free
You flash your money round
But damn you show no dignity
You're not the man I used to love
The man I dreamed of
You're just a fake a fraud so get out

Fine man you turned out to be
It's the last time you make a fool out of me
Our fire burned out long ago
I'm telling you you gotta know
I don't need no Romeo

No no no Romeo
Don't need no Romeo

You think you gonna win me back
But you're just waisting time
I tell your brother that your baby she just doing fine
Forget about it, I don't want it
I ain't kidding around
No no no no

I take no pleasure in this message that I send you
But you need to realize
Oh boy, how I tried
You should appreciate my love and dedication
My minds made up the ink is dry
And it's over from tonight

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