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Charting The Single


Slow French kissing with the Dauphin's daughter
If I fall in love now I'll be floating in Seine
Plastered in Paris I've had an Eiffel
Gonna make my escape on the midnight train
Choo, choo to you - Choo, choo to you - Charting the single
Schnapping my fingers on an alcoholiday
Sniff round a Fraulein when I'm scent to Cologne
All night hotel Liebling make your mark
Let sugar daddy melt in his home sweet home
Home is where the heart lies, but if the heart lies
Where is home, is where the heart lies, but where is home?

Get a pizza the action when I Romeo again
Chianti see you with me, so just let him wine
Juliet on the balcony, it's pasta serenade
Wedding rings, I know when Venice time, Venice time
To chart the single, to chart the single

Charting the single, charting the single

The chicks are getting cheaper on the not so common market
Stockpile experience before the blond hairs turn to grey
Before the blond hairs turn to grey
I like to train, express myself in the universal language
Ego on my face in the nicest possible way
It's absolutely the nicest possible way

Charting the single

I got no clause in my contract, got no shares in my name
I'm just charting the single in a bachelor's game
Charting the single
It's a solo performance on a one way street
You'll never have the chance again and never again we'll meet
Charting, charting, charting, charting the single

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Compuesta por: Derek William Dick / Mark Kelly / Mick Pointer / Pete Trewavas / Steve Rothery. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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